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Archival Project

Are you interested in supporting our volunteer efforts to create a public archive of our generated knowledge from the last 20 years?

Blogs through Patreon

Access our arts based research and educational content for r/evolutionary surviving, living, surviving.

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Liberatory Creativity Fellowship

Our arts-based research initiative providing public scholarship & critical reflections in the arts based theories, practices, education and therapies, created by our fellows, considered a Creative Compa. They have the agency to determine the focus of their fellowship.   Contributions aim to be provocative, disruptive, accessible, and engaging.

Compenstation: $1,500

Sponsored by cervConsulting and The Cervitude Coalition Inc.


Social Media

Discover socio-political creative meditations and reflections are available on social media.

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- Offering 1 -

When you participate and/or support the work of cervCreativity through Patreon, you’re making an immediate difference in the lives of individuals in our shared cervCircle by crowdsourcing funding for the Cervitude Coalition Inc.


Please consider supporting our work through Patreon in order to support the Cervitude Coalition Inc mission. We believe every hour of therapy can support r/evolutionary living; every blog post or digital download can expand y/our shared knowledge; every workshop can support your wellness journey. 


a month

Supporting our volunteer efforts with a $10 month donation through Patreon provides you exclusive access to our healing centered living knowledge share all created by cervCreativity!

Supporting us, supports others


100% of y/our financial contribution through Patreon goes directly to client care subsidizing the wellness journey of individuals living with complex trauma while experiencing financial hardship. 


All proceeds collected by Cervitude Creativity through this Patreon which provides access of our arts based researcg and directly supports the work of the


Cervitude Coalition Inc, a registered non profit in the state of MA (EIN) 84-2193971 with the mission to: Provide quality mental and holistic health care services for people living with complex trauma who are under-insured, marginalized, disenfranchised and struggling with severe financial hardship.


This foundation would subsidize the costs related to traditional and alternative forms of treatment for complex trauma. All contributions through Patreon go directly to the Coalition and are tax deductible.

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Co-Create with us!

From destruction comes creation and from creation comes destruction. Let’s share y/our knowledge and go beyond imagining into action. 


 PLEASE NOTE:  Some contributions collected are tax deductible as they go directly to the Cervitude Coalition Inc.

The information contained in these posts are not intended as medical or therapeutic advice. For informational purposes only. 

 Every interaction with any cervCircle participant ripple through our shared worlds impacting many more people than we can ever work with individually.


- Offering 2 -
Liberatory Creativity Fellowship


This is a paid fellowship for 1 year to artist-healers from the global south that provide free arts for health and wellness workshops for the Cervitude Coalition, Inc.

The fellowship is coordinated and subsidized through a resource share with the cervGroup International, the consulting and coaching star in the greater Cervitude constellation. They provide the labor and donate funds to pay our fellows. 

Help them and us create a sustainable donation stream for these artists by donating directly to the Cervitude Coalition, Inc 

If you are interested in applying for this fellowship or participating in the free workshops offered by our fellows, please reach out

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- Offering 3 -
Archival Project

We are glad to honor our collective work with a public archive of generated knowledge of Anti-Oppressive, Critical Creativity and Radical Imagination content from the last 20 years! 

Want to join our Archival Team or learn our how to support our volunteers?


20 Years

We are celebrating over 10 years of disrupting how we think about and practice creativity.

Other ways to support

Tip us!

If you are interested in supporting our volunteer efforts, please consider supporting this work through a financial contribution (not tax deductible) through $CashApp.


PLEASE NOTE:  Readers and users may download and share content from this site for non-commercial purposes provided that they credit us and author or authors (for example, reposting a publication on your site with proper credit or assigning it for students to read). Readers may also cite unaltered content on commercial or non-commercial sites with proper attribution, as is common practice in academia. Readers and users may not change, alter or modify any content from our site in re-use, or use content from our site for commercial purposes.

C.R.E.A.T.E. Collaborative
Contact Information for General Inquiries


C.R.E.A.T.E. Collaborative

a radical arts based inquiry endeavor

Social Media

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  • Cervitude Creativity: Instagram
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