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 Humanity Needs Us! 

 Let's Co-Create the Change! 

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

                                             ― audre lorde



Sacred Safer Spaces

Do you work in the nexus of the arts and any industrialized complex which perpetuates violence onto your intersectional body?

I specialize in supporting self identified marginalized, underrepresented folx laboring as academics, clinicians, activists and creatives through decoloniality.  

woman holding papers

 Liberatory coaching for r/Evolutionary change. 


Center the Margins

Are you a healthcare/wellness provider working in the medical/psychiatric/holistic industrial complex needing radical and critical consultation services? 


I provide individual and small group consultation services for clinicians, academics and activists using anti-oppressive frameworks in their praxis.

 I am a co-mission-minded consultant, co-creating a vision for safer and sustainable living 


woman writing on a paper

Revitalize and Unlearn

Are you interested in joining an extended community of knowledge builders and lifelong unlearners?

I offer virtual webinars and e-courses on decolonizing mental health counseling, social work, and arts-based therapies.

I also curate cervCreativity, a volunteer group of independent radical scholar/creatives crowdfunding through Patreon for our sibling nonprofit, the Cervitude Coalition Inc.

For $10 a month through Patreon, you can access our emerging Arts-Based Research in Critical Creativity, Radical Imagination, and Regenerative Practices for r/evolutionary surviving, living, and thriving.


100% of  funds raised through Patreon go directly to the coalition and are tax deductible. 



Additional E-courses and workshops are forthcoming

 Co-creating r/Evolutionary spaces, together. 

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Critical Creativity & Creative Justice

Curious about how to do less harm in the intersection of some of the most violent professions (mental health and the arts) for marginalized and disenfranchised folx?

I present lectures on the intersections of the arts, culture, and social action.

 Reclaim individual strengths and revitalize collective power for healthier and authentic trauma stewardship.