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The cervCircular Economy:
Community Centric Mutual Aid

Disrupting philanthropy, together.


Contributions are a community practice in reciprocity and reparations 



We work to co-imagine an/other way beyond the siloed industrial complexes we work within (medical; holistic health; arts; education; and non-profit) by centering y/our cervitude circle through anti-capitalist solidarity. 

Centering economic justice through resource sharing, crowdfunding and mutual aid.


 We build solidarity through mutual aid and actively work on liberation in all contexts. 

#MutualAid is a re-distribution of resources for mutual benefit. Not to be mistaken for charity, mutual aid is the horizontal movement of resources that supports y/our "self care". 


Help increase our impact by participating and/or donating to one or all of our endeavors today!

cervCircular Economy

Multicolored cervitude circle logo

Direct Client Care

Financial Transparency


  • Direct Client Care

    • Solidarity Rates

      • Clients self pay rates for Low Cost Care

      • Clinicians in the cooperative receive fair wages decided by us for the work we do with the clients we work with.  

    • Fullscript

      • 10% of proceeds from wellness products goes to the cervCoalition’s re/PAIR Action Therapy Fund

    • "In Kind"

      • Specific services/labor/time donated to the cervCoalition

Yellow cervcounselling logo with woman smiling
  • Organizational expenses

    • Venmo  @cervitudecounselingpllc

    • Mutual aid contributions accepted in solidarity (no services in exchange and not tax deductible) for support with general expenses  

blue cervcoalition logo with 3 people and speakers and a man holding up a sign saying justice 4 all

  • Direct Client Care

    • Low Cost Care

      • re/PAIR Action Therapy Fund - for un/underinsured individuals living with complex trauma 

        • Voucher Information & Application

          • Individuals: vouchers for therapy services

          • Practitioners: participate in our voucher program providing longterm low cost​​ care

  • Mutual Aid 

    •   Community Organizations

    •   Individual

  • Donations

    • ​​PayPal 

      • 1 Time/Recurring donations 

      • You decide where to allocate your donation. 

      • These donations are tax deductible.



red cervconsulting logo with 3 people walking on a cloud


  • Direct Client Care

    • Solidarity Rates

      • up to 20% reduction of total cost of service

    • "In Kind"

      • Specific services/labor/time donated to the cervCoalition

  • Organizational expenses

    • Venmo @Angelica-Pinna-Perez-1  

      • mutual aid contributions accepted in solidarity (no services in exchange and not tax deductible) for support with general expenses.   

green cervcreativity logo with woman standing in the clouds


  • Direct Client Care

    • 100% of crowdfunding goes directly to the cervCoalition re/PAIR Action Therapy Fund and are tax deductible.

      • Patreon

        • volunteer arts based research in exchange for donations

      • Network for Good

        • occasional fundraising through free content shared on social media


  • Organizational expenses

    • CashApp $cervitudecreativity

      • mutual aid contributions accepted in solidarity (no services in exchange and not tax deductible).  Collected and redistributed by cervConsulting to the general costs incurred by the cervCreativity group of volunteers.


grey cervcluster logo with 5 people working together
  • Resource List of politically aligned providers

Multicolored cervitude circle logo


  • We also donate to organizations outside of the cervCircle in order to amplify our shared visions: 

    • Black Music Therapy Network (cervCoalition)

    • Healing Together (cervCoalition)

    • Boston Acupuncture Project Inc (cervCoalition)

    • Project Lets (cervCoalition)

    • Sins Invalid (cervCoalition)

    • Individual mutual aid requests (cervConsulting, cervCoalition)

    • Probono Services (cervCounseling)

    • In Kind Professional Services (cervCreativity, cervCounseling, cervConsulting)

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