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Within the cervCircle constellation is our most complex planet, the cervCluster. In its current form, it is an evolving resource share of contact information. The purpose of this section is to serve as a curated resource for mental health support in alignment with the cervCircle vision. 

 "We owe it to ourselves to build the kind of world and the kind of meaning that center our experience.”
― Mikki Kendall


 Dear one, 

Do you feel alone?

Are you tired of managing?

Do you want to live beyond just “maintaining”?

It’s not easy to find the right therapist.  We deserve therapists who understand microaggressions in the workplace and other cultural concerns on a professional and personal level without having to do the emotional labor of "teaching" y/our lived experiences during sessions. Many of us have experienced medical trauma and harm due to the pathologization of our lived experiences under oppression. 


And then we have to make sure they take insurance (if we have it) or have sliding scale/low cost openings in their schedules....

It's alot.

 Thriving Resistance 

Asking for support and actually getting what you need can be a whole process which can be activating, pushing us into our default trauma reactions and replicating the cycles of violence we are seeking to liberate ourselves from.


These resources can connect you to trauma-focused services that have historically experienced intersections of oppression as well.

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We co-create, facilitate, maintain and share healing justice resources to supplement our cervCircle endeavors. 


We advance healing justice in mental health spaces and advocate for interventions that address the harm caused by the medical-industrial complex.

 Healing Justice 

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 Healing Justice-Centered Resources 

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Together, we strive to weave a web of interconnected radical healing, health and liberation.

In solidarity,

The cervCluster

         Curation Team

Contact Information for General Inquiries


The cervCluster Curation Team

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