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Our Mission

As a collective of people of varied intersectional identities, histories, experiences, and cultures, we believe in the power and possibilities our lives have.


We engage the radical imagination sometimes referred to as the critical social imagination to reflect on how ‘psychology’ and the ‘arts’, specifically critical creativity radically imagines and co-create collective liberation through new ways of being in relationship, which we refer to as trauma aware engaged healing.

Little girl crouched down hugging her legs

We enthusiastically share Cervitude Creativity critical arts based inquiry labor as a social exchange on Patreon in order to raise funds for the Cervitude Coalition’s re/PAIR-Action Therapy Fund which contributes to both the empowerment and the liberation of the communities it serves by supporting individuals with limited access to quality whole-istic mental health support receive the care they deserve. 


We believe in:


direct giving is critical engagement in philanthropy disruption


a financial resource building strategy for community healing by sharing creative resources


increasing access to anti-oppressive arts based inquiry.

Our Vision

We have the capacity to practice critical creativity and radically imagine regenerative ways of being in relationship to our selves, each other and the planet.

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Creativity is r/Evolutionary, y/our critical creative practices move us towards radical evolution and collective liberation...

 Our Arts-Based Research in Critical Creativity, Radical Imagination, and Regenerative Practices for healing centered engaged living is shared through Patreon. 100% of the funds collected go directly to the Cervitude Coalition Inc.

All crowdfunding through Patreon is tax deductible. 


Liberatory Creativity for Social Justice Fellowship 

  2024 Creative Compañera

 Mayarí Hernández

Mayari is a passionate, driven, and committed individual who has made it part of her life’s mission to create healing spaces for all. She is a believer in the therapeutic power of the arts.

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Pink Smoke

Mayari is currently completing her MASTER'S DEGREE IN MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING WITH EMPHASIS ON INTERVENTIONS IN EXPRESSIVE ARTS From the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

During this year long fellowship in 2024, she will participate in arts and culture work through our non-profit The Cervitude Coalition Inc helping to raise awareness and funding through her art making and community workshop facilitation on the themes of

Liberatory Creativity for Social Justice with the Cervitude Creativity ABR Collective.

Paint Abstract Pink

She is currently working on projects exploring:


  1. Expressive Arts Workshops in liberatory creativity

  2. Arts based exploration of disenfranchised grief

  3. Expressive Arts philosophy, pedagogy and practice

About Our Curator

Angelica Pinna-Perez, Ph.D

latinx, mujerista, survivor, and guerrera 

Angelica has worked as an actor/creator, creative arts therapist and psychotherapist, and social action activist engaging in community arts and community based mental health counseling since 1996.


She has worked artistically, clinically and in advocacy in the US and abroad with an interest in transnational/transcultural social justice expressive arts based work. She is committed to using creativity as a form of knowledge.


Scholarly interests are in the application of expressive arts in the service of understanding, reframing, and making meaning of suffering, trauma and oppression in individual and social contexts through a decolonial lens.


Her work centers the voices and activism of marginalized creative voices that have limited structural power. She utilized a multi method approaches to explore the links between creativity and transnational/transcultural discourses to help inform and contribute to inclusive, relational and sustainable arts based therapy pedagogy and practices.

She uses frameworks informed by  liberation and critical psychology, human rights discourse, decolonial and intersectional feminism, and radical social justice to organize her research, teaching, and outreach.


She identifies as a scholar-activist-artist and is committed to exploring how decolonizing creativity is relevant in order to steward harm reduction in how the arts are weaponized in clinical encounters and social justice movements.  

She is currently working on projects exploring:


  1. Global South aesthetic and language paradigms in co-created art making with Latine/Latinx communities

  2. arts based exploration of anti-colonial and anti-capitalist expressive arts in the virtual space utilizing emerging digital arts/technology to inform clinical practice, supervision and pedagogy

  3. the role of the grass-roots social movements using the arts, specifically guerrilla performance art.

She was on the core faculty in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA from 2013-2020 promoted to Associate Professor of Expressive Therapies in the Expressive Arts Therapy specialization in 2019.


She left academia in 2020 to pursue all cervCircle endeavors full time. 

cervCreativity Collective
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a radical arts based endeavor for collective liberation

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