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Informed Consent


We are an ever evolving group of independent clinician-scholar-creatives who believe in the power of storytelling, metaphor and arts based inquiry and research to illuminate diverse meaning making collective knowledge sharing.


While primarily sourced from our specific intersectional lived experiences, what we share with each other in the co-creation process of writing our monthly blogs is practiced with a good faith effort of reclaiming creativity as an essential part of community building.


Our practice is based in the philosophy of co-constructed knowledge, in addition to a collective re-membering, with the hope of co-creating and sharing radical co-imagings as liberatory praxis.

As an interconnected group, both with/in our group and beyond in the collective humanity we interface with, we are processing with y/our radical imagination which we recognize as a shared and unlimited resource. 


We are moved to action by our lived experiences which include but are not limited to our personal, occupational, community and political exchanges. We make a good faith effort to remove all identifying markers of any specific individual who may inspire/inform our arts based inquiry work at every step of the process.

While we cannot ask every single person for explicit consent each time during our iterative process, we are committed to being transparent in our co-creation process for collective knowledge sharing and offer this as our offer of informed consent.

You may see yourself or your work with one of us in these co-creations, writing, artwork, basically anything we produce. We encourage you to let us know when and how it affects you. Our intention is to do less harm and not replicate violence. We are open to critical constructive feedback in co-building this resource and knowledge share.


While this is a general informed consent in the spirit of transparency, your individual informed consents with the professionals in our group will have information regarding how they handle your personal information for trauma aware engaged healing theory and praxis development, art based inquiry and research, education/training, supervision purposes across multidisciplinary sectors. 

Please know that y/our shared lives sparks the intensity of this creative dialectic. We are humbled and grateful that we, every single one of us, are still here.

In solidarity, 


cervCreativity Collective
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cervCreativity Collective

a radical arts based inquiry endeavor

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