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  If you are feeling down, stressed, overwhelmed or you need crisis support, please do not use this website  as we cannot respond immediately and cannot provide higher levels of care for any crisis. 

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Healing Justice  

The cervCircle curates a resource list at the intersections of mental health, holistic health and liberation health centering movements for social justice. Our overall goal is to increase access to healing justice resources.

Blogs, Articles, Websites & Directories

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Who Relate

We co-create, facilitate, maintain and share healing justice resources including our counseling and coaching services, current writing on critical creativity and radical imagination for r/evolutionary living, the Re/Pair Action Mental Health Therapy Fund, which provides supplemental financial assistance for many of us who cannot afford long term care.


We advance healing justice in mental health and movement spaces and advocate for interventions that address the harm caused by the medical-industrial complex.

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